On Time

Specialized Freight Trucking Company

Not everything fits in a crate. And if it does, it’s not always the best way to transport it. Specialty transportation means customized shipping for our clients.

By using our unique methods to package and ship, we work to both decrease load in and load out time and ensure the safe arrival of your product. We’ve built hoists to lift products and gently move them on and off trailers, including roller and platform systems that ease the loading and unloading of everything from jet skis to motorcycles.

Additionally, our air ride, freight trailers are specially designed to handle the unique demands of the trade show industry. Their versatility provides for the transportation of a wide variety of goods, ensuring their arrival in pristine condition. Our trailers also boast built-in belly boxes for storage under the trailer units. This extra space allows us to increase storage space and the ability to better secure your products.

What We Ship

From motorcycles for the New York Bike Show to crane trucks for highway maintenance, count on our specialized trucking services to get the job done. Our Kansas City, MO, team is ready to help you ship nationwide!

Where We Ship

As a specialized freight trucking company, Group One can transport vehicles, trade show inventory, and other cargo to any location in the continental U.S. and Canada.

About Our Drivers

Group One’s drivers are experienced and vetted by our trained support staff. Most of our drivers have interstate vehicle transport experience and are recognized as some of the industry’s most reliable drivers.

Become a Group One Driver

If you’re a driver looking to work for a specialized freight trucking company, consider Group One. Our driver placement advocates work with you to ensure that you’re more than a truck number.


Learn more about how our specialized trucking services can help with your transportation needs. Contact us about our transportation services at Group One, Inc. by clicking the button below.